Super-Intensive Raceway Shrimp Farming Technology (SIRSFT) is coming our way

Dr. Maurice Kemp hopes to start a whole new shrimp farming industry, and has purchased worldwide rights for the shrimp farming technology to do so.

As President of Royal Caridea, LLC, they are setting up bio-secure, closed-system, super-intensive, shrimp farming facilities to produce fresh 30g shrimp.

Large fresh shrimp are always in high demand at upscale restaurants everywhere you go, but right now, there’s no market for live shrimp, or any other seafood, since transportation costs are too high.

Dr. Kemp says that if indoor shrimp farms were built close to major metropolitan areas, it’d drastically reduce the distribution costs, and Royal Caridea would have a good shot at supplying a whole new market.

Like any distribution business, it’s economies of scale; if Royal Caridea, or anybody else, can deliver live shrimp on a consistent basis at a reasonable cost, markets would grow quickly and significantly.

Maurice Kemp’s Summary
Background is multidisciplinary, with much of career directed towards preventing microbial induced disease and/or development of pharmaceuticals to alleviate clinical symptoms or signs associated with a disease state.

Most recently, he has worked on the development of methods to detect pathogens and development of chemical methods to eliminate food & airborne pathogens.

He also developed methods to inhibit mold & fungi associated with building products and participated in the interdisciplinary development of pharmaceutics for veterinary & medical applications.

Royal Caridea, LLC.
603 S. Mays Street
Round Rock

2 responses to 'Super-Intensive Raceway Shrimp Farming Technology (SIRSFT) is coming our way'

  1. Rajeev - January 28th, 2011 at 12:13 pm

    I have read about your valuable patent “Super-Intensive Raceway Shrimp Farming Technology” on the net. Its interesting to us.

    If its possible kindly enlighten us more about your technique and technology. Whether it has already been introduced/implemented in some farms?

    Our main culture species are Vannamei. How would be possible to get more information and what are the possibilities to have a trial at our Farm?

    We are CP PRIMA (, the largest Integrated Shrimp Farming Industry in the world in Indonesia.

    Kindly let us know the possibilities.

    Awaiting for your kind response.

    Thanking you,

    Dr Rajeev Kumar Jha

    Farm Shrimp Health Division

    Central ProteinaPrima (CP PRIMA)

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Phone: +62-8975777495

    e-mail: and

    Rajeev Kumar Jha, Ph D, Farm Shrimp Health Division, Central ProteinaPrima (CPP)

  2. Charleston Native - January 28th, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    Hello Dr Rajeev Kumar Jha.

    Hopefully Dr. Maurice Kemp can answer all your questions via his contact info listed in this blog.

    Good luck with your endeavors, and feel free to keep us informed of your progress.


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