Maryland blue crabs – from South Carolina!

With fishing schedules being tightened by states along the coast, blue crabsMaryland and Virginia’s senators are asking for $20 million in federal aid to satisfy cries for help from their fishermen and seafood processors.

The ‘hen has come home to roost’, and now that marine life is dwindling around the world, those who’ve been busy feeding our insatiable appetites for seafood are the same ones claiming they aren’t making enough money to sustain their lifestyles anymore.

What a lot of tourists don’t realize is that some of the fish they’re eating here in the restaurants lining Shem Creek have actually been shipped in frozen from other locations, either because our supplies have dwindled, or they’re just not native to this area.

The same goes for ‘Maryland blue crabs’ too though. What many people up there don’t understand is that truckloads of those crabs come from right here in S.C., with a handsome profit if they’ve been steamed with some seasoning.

“They don’t get a nice big crab like we do here. … Everybody in Maryland thinks they’re Maryland crabs.” –

What do you think about that?

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